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Be Patient Large Size Pictures Downloading!

Due to the large amounts of Email I get requesting pictures I have decided to save a little time and post them here with no copy protection. These are some of the most requested pics but if the ones you would like are not here go ahead and send me your email with the following info: if you will tell me what page the picture(s) are on that you want, how many pictures down the page from the top they are & what message is displayed if you rest your mouse pointer on top of the picture for 3-4 seconds and/or a description of the picture.. On copyrighted pictures that are on my site I will give you the email address of the owner, on those pics you must get the copies directly from them. Example of this is the 30mm chrome minigun on the A-10 warplane. One request on my pics, If you use them on another web site to give me credit & or a "Link" on your site to my main page..

ALSO Make sure your Email box has some free space in it, some of these pictures are over 500k in size.. & I will get back to you as soon as I can..

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Large Copy Pics

The GEM-134

GEM-134 Black



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