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Where The Handheld Minigun Idea Got Started!


Mac With Minigun
Sgt. "Mac" Eliot a.k.a. actor Bill Duke. Bill had more minigun footage in the Predator movie than Jesse.
Bill is one of the best black "Bad Ass" actors of our time. In this movie he makes "Dillon" Carl Weathers look like Mr. Rogers. Bill can relate to this also, aside from acting Bill is also a writer, director, producer & has published numerous children's stories.

Gov'nr Jesse Kicks Ass In This One & Still Has No Time To Bleed.

Now that Jesse has seen the system first hand, re-election was not an option.
If you have not seen him on CNN or Fox this guy is smart! He has been a Navy S.E.A.L. an actor, surfer & wrestler but he refuses to be a liar or a crook!
Good for you Jesse! We all have to set our standards somewhere.

Pay Attention To Details!
Just above where the chute enters the delinker you can see the deflector.
This curved chute redirected the spent links downward, without this anyone
behind the shooter on the right would become another target. In the movies

all of the handheld guns were modified this same way.

Also In all the firing shots the ammo chute is attached to the gun correctly with the viewing slit side up to see the ammo. If you go back to the previous page you will see the mount has changed & now the chute is attached from the top, this is upside down & can feed no ammo into the gun. You do get to see a bit more of the gun and perhaps that is what the film makers wanted.

Too Close

Too Close For Comfort!

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