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After Preditor the same minigun was rebuilt for use in T2 with Arnie.
The Preditor gun had its lower handle & barrel guard removed,
the top support was ground off & a new horizontal handle was added.

This made the gun much easier to carry by hand and if you look carefully you can still see the weld buildup from where the top attachment bar that was used in Preditor. The special effects people did not take the time to grind the Preditor bar all the way off.

All of the Airsoft minigun designs used this T2 handle pattern.


Minigun Bottom View

Here we get a very rare glimpse of the bottom of a minigun, with
the deflector chute in full view as was described on the Preditor page. The ammo dump door is also visible on the bottom of the delinker. This dumps live ammo after the trigger is released to prevent further firing of rounds due to the rotation of the rotor cycling the gun from inertia after power is removed.

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