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+1 Mile Range

The LoCat

The Locat launcher was air powered & made by IST Aerospace.
It was sold and used as a replacement for recoilless rifles use on
ski slopes and mountain resorts for avalanche control. The company has taken it off of their website
to refocus their sales on pilotless recon aircraft (Fancy Parasails)

The Locat could throw a 4 pound shell over a mile, all on air power

2001 - IST Aerospace changed names then, sold off this sector of
it's operation then it folded.. Too bad, they made on hell of a air cannon.
IST Is still in operation but now they make things that are not nearly as much fun.

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Parachute Testing??

Winner & Best Overall
This air cannon was also made by IST Areospace
for "Parachute Testing" and could launch a 300 lb shell
Sorry, I can't remember the range..

I Think it was in the neighborhood of 10 miles.

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