Movie Model M134

Coming Eventually As Time Allows

Will Include Receiver Housing, Rotor & Barrel Assembly With Lots Of Photographs For Reference & Details.

One Important Note: These blueprints are for the "Movie Model Minigun" The all metal prop version used in some motion pictures. These are NOT blueprints of an actual live firing weapon and for you idiots attempting to build a real minigun as a garage project these prints & photos will totally useless to you.

Please do not waste my time emailing me wanting blueprints of the real thing, I don't have any & I can't help.

Update: 3/2005 This is a bit more complicated than expected & Is taking longer to finish so please bear with us. As soon as they are done info will be posted here.


Ok due to all the email I have gotten on this I want to let you know where I stand on getting these things done. Unfortunate for everyone my friend doing this for me has died and no one with extensive visio skills needed has come forward locally to help so this is on the back burner for now.

Minigun Operational Animation

In my neverending search for more & more minigun stuff I found a fantastic piece of work by a graphic & animation artist who just happens to be a vet that has some minigun experience.

Christopher E. Cosner "Coz" owner of Coz-fx has put this minigun operational animation together & has generously let me put this link up to his web site. So after you get a look at his minigun animation take a look see at his other stuff. If you need some cool graphics for a business application give Coz a call.

Note: This animation is in Divx format, if you don't have a Divx player follow the links to get the required Divx player. ALSO: The animation is over 4megs in size, if you do not have a "BROADBAND" (Cable, DSL or Satellite) internet connection please DO NOT attempt to download it, you are just wasting time and data transfer.

Coz-fx Minigun Link

Thanks Coz

Minigun "Guts" Photos


For A Great A Writeup With Lots Of Pictures

Check out the April 2002 Issue of Small Arms Review Magazine

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