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If you are one of those people
that wants something no matter what it costs
here is what you are in for.

To Purchase a REAL Minigun in the US & Stay Out Of Jail &

Have Fun, Learn Some Stuff & Then Sell It!

Note: If you live in California, Delaware, D.C., Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina or Washington skip to #11


1. Find one for sale, and as I have been told
there are only 8-10 in existence that were registered
before May of 1986 that may be transferred
into civilian hands.


2. Have $175,000 to $300,000 to spend on a big adult toy.


3. Find a Class 3 Dealer to do the
transfer paperwork thru the ATF.


4. Wait a month.


5. Get another job to pay for all
of the ammo you will need. Use $20 per second as a estimate.


6. Wait another 3 months, the ATF is
never ever in a hurry to process paperwork & we all know terrorists paperwork has to be weeded out too.


7. Find somewhere very secure to store it.
Under your bed just won't make it.


8. Accept the disappointment you will never ever
be able to hold on to it like in the movies & fire it.
Without spinning around like a tornado of hellfire...


9. Accept the fact you now will have to spend $500 for a magazine
another $950 for a good tripod & $1800 more for an ammo chute.


10. And If You Still REALLY Want One

Check Out My Real Steel Minigun Links


11. To much hassle for you or live in a state that prohibits class 3 ownership , then move! Try a gun friendly state in the USA


12. Finally Get Your Mini. Pack It Up Along With A Car Battery Or Two, Your Mount, 6000 Rounds Of Surplus Ammo, Ammo Boxes, Magazines, Power Cables, Feed Chute, Tools & Tool Box, Ammo Linking Press, Then Finally Go Out To The Range.


13. Stop By A Friends House & Pick Him Up Because You Just Loaded All This Stuff In Your SUV, It Took Almost An Hour By Yourself & You Want Help. Plus Some One To Show Off Your New Gun To..


14. Get To Your Shooting Spot & Unpack Everything.


15. Set It All Up With Help From All Of Your New Friends You Just Made At The Range The Second You Pulled Your Mini From The Crate.


16. Look At Your Watch & Make A Note Of The Following Fact. With Another Person Helping It Took Twice As Long To Unload & Set Up Than It Did To Put Everything In Your SUV By Yourself To Start With Because You Have Been Busy Answering Questions About Your 134 From All Your New Friends That Also Happen To Keep Getting In Your Way While You Try To Put The Mount Together.


17. Discover Shooting A Minigun On A Day With No Wind Is A Disappointment Since After A Few Seconds Of Fire You Have A Hard Time Seeing Your Target From The Smoke Of 200 Rounds Of Surplus 7.62 All Fired In One Spot In 4 Seconds.


18. After Your Second Box Of Ammo You Realize That Lack Of Wind & The Time You Wait Around For It To Clear Talking To Your Friends Is Almost As Fun As To Shoot Plus Standing Around Is Alot Cheaper Than $6 A Second Trigger Time (using cheap $120/1000 Pakistani ammo)


19. Finish Up The Last Of The Ammo, & Start Packing Up.


20. Say Goodbye To All Your New Found Friends That Were More Than Happy To Help You Pick Up 5000+ Links Off The Ground Because In Your Rush to Get To The Range You Forgot To Bring A Old Blanket To Put Under Your Minigun Mount.


21. Wave Goodbye As They Finish Picking Up All The Import Ammo Brass You Left For Them As Thanks For Helping You Pick Up The Links.. (& yea, the import stuff you left on the ground was berdan.)


22. Two weeks Later Get The Credit Card Bill in The Mail For The Surplus Ammo You Bought & Discover The Ammo & Shipping Costs For That 6000 Rounds Of Ammo That You Bought, The 2 Minutes Of Trigger Time Cost You Just Over $1000


23. Week Later, Wife Finds Credit Card Bill & Asks What You Bought With That $1074.36


24. You Explain.... Well You Attempt To... That Night you Fall Asleep & In Your Dreams You See A Divorce In Your Near Future & See The Woman Judge Ordering You To Sell Your ENTIRE Gun Collection So Your Now Ex Wife & Her Divorce Lawyer Can Take Their Half Of The Money


25. Minigun Goes Up For Sale At Subguns.com NFA Sale Board.


26. Minigun Sells In 15 Minutes as Wife Peers Over Your Shoulder To Watch Your Computer Monitor.


27. You Get Up From Your Computer To Go Call The Person That Answered Your Ad To Arrange Details & Transfer.


28. Half An Hour Later You Come Back To Find Wife Still On Your Computer, Wife Sees You Come Back into Room & You Are Promptly "Informed" That The Money From Your Minigun Is Going To Buy This Nice Little Vacation Condo In Florida That She Has Had Her Eye On & Pay Off All Your Credit Cards..


29. Wife Goes To Bed, You Get Back On Computer, Get Out A Soon To Be Paid Off Credit Card & Buy Your 13 Year Old Son A BB Minigun For Him To Play With.


30. Summer Comes, The Wife Is In Florida With Her Mother In That Vacation Condo, Your 13 Year Old Has Never Got To Touch "His Minigun" But You Now Go Through 20lbs Of Co2 & 20,000 BB's A Weekend & Have The Most Fun Shoot'em Up Back Yard Summer Cookouts Your Town Has Ever Seen.


AND - Big Thanks Go Out To..

I Made This! - Dreamweaver 4 & ULEAD Photoimpact
And A BIG Thank You to My Contributors Listed Below
Everybody At http://www.37mm.com
Sam: http://www.xcalibertactical.com/
Doug Ross - Seattle Lasertag
Daisy & Friends GI Joe Pages
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Flyer Thanks For The Flash Animation Work!
Fred Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center San Diego

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Curt Morrison... Simon Sung... Joost... Barry... Chris Horner....Andrew Mycoskie.. Daniel Heydorn, Martin Lupo & Mark Odell (Again, Thanks Mark!)..

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