M60 / M134 Minigun Chute & Accessories
The American 6mm Minigun
The M134-A2

The New Teeth Rattling Steel Spitting M134-A2 Minigun.

Released at the 2004 SAR show. Now with a larger receiver & ammo capacity this mini is sure to rock the 6mm world. Switch from lightweight plastic .2gram airsoft skirmish ammo to full blown 13.5grain (.88gram) high carbon steel BB that can rip through metal Price for basic gun setup started at $5300.00 when they were available

Basic gun shown here, optional BHD dress package, scope mount, sight, plus authentic ammo box & feed chute.

M60 / M134 Minigun Chute & Accessories

BETTER THAN SURPLUS! Brand New & Still In The Wrap!

Genuine XM23 Minigun Ammo Magazines

Finally.. Minigun Ammo Magazines. These Are Actual Magazines From A Gov't Contract Over Run, Evidently They Don't Have As Many Of Those "Black Helicopters" As They Used To..These Are Flat Black & Non-Reflective In Color Perfect For Your Own All Black Helicopter Display. They Are Gone.

Stainless Steel Feed Chuting Setups

Surplus 7.62mm Stainless Steel Feed Chute


Full length movie minigun backpack or chopper setup, great shape with usual minor wear 7'2" with both ends (1 can end/ 1 delinker coupling) Newer style delinker

M134 Quick Lock Pins

Tired of pulling tiny cotter pins to get your Toytec gun apart? Get the real deal. We have found a very limited supply of locking pins for the Toytec, M134 & P3 Minigun. These are the same style pins that are used on the real M134 gun but made to fit the Toytec & First Generation P3 guns. Get rid of those cotter pins, push the button & pull like the real thing.

Main Handle Front "T" Pins

Inspection Cover Door Pin Sets

We had a limited supply of Inspection cover door pins for older GE M134's these will also fit the Toytec from the top with minor fitting. These are the super secure 4 ball style pin with a standard head (.25in dia. 1" grip)


All Accessories USA sales only.

Minigun Data Plate

Military Minigun Data Plate

Monty's Miniguns had a limited supply of reproduction military minigun ID plates. These look great & all the important ID fields are left blank for you to fill in as you want.


Feed The Airsoft Monster
.88 gram Solid Steel 6mm Minigun Ammo
10,000rd Battle Pack

.Case Lots & Small "Tester" Bags

Per Thousand

Get The 25,500rd (50lb) Case Sold Out

Shipping & Insurance Costs Additional
This Ammo Will Also Function In Other Ultra Hi Power 6mm Airsoft Guns

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