Model Miniguns

Submitted Reader Photos

Twin Miniguns - Silver one shoots .177 bb's


Movie Minigun Just As Shown

Check Out This Custom Movie Model Minigun

ToyTec Body

This is the best dressed "Movie Model" minigun we have ever seen. It started out as a standard stock original & this customer modified it over the top. The owner did such a good job it was featured as one of the best dressed replica miniguns in the world. Check out the pictures below & we want to thank Tapio the owner for sending us 2 full CD's full of pics.

Movie Minigun From Finland

Here is the same minigun with an authentic 4000 round magazine & chute.

Tapio's Movie Model Helicopter Gunship Photos




In The Neighborhood

Inspection Overhead

Standing Tall On One Wild Mount

Time To Move

Thanks Tapio For All Your Pics!

Roberto's Home Built Model Gun From Germany

Gary's From California In The Shop

All Done

Back From The Shop.. Spade Grips, Sweet..


Check Out This LEGO Rubberband Shooting Minigun Video From Japan

Minigun On Land Rover

Model Minigun On Landrover From The UK

Louis's Jeep With Minigun From Georgia

Eric's Minigun & Rocket Equipped 1986 TransAm. Click The Minigun For A Complete Car Review.

Here Is A Pic Of Erik's Minigun Equipped Nissan Truck

Model Aircraft Guns - Sort Of ..

Vance Jaqua & his latest creation from Tri-R Technologies a Piper Cub rocking plane. Complete with a minigun. The non-flightworthy, non-lethal vulcan cannon is his latest device for catching the attention of the passing fly-in public long enough to convince them to buy a KIS kitplane. On this minigun the barrels spin and empty shells are ejected. Really cool.

Here it is being attached to a RV-4 plane & now provided they don't drop it on their heads it is still a non-lethal weapon. Click the picture to see the minigun in action.
Thanks go out to Russ Erb for the video these pictures

1/6 Scale Miniguns

In 2002 The InToyz Model Company Began Selling A 1/6 Scale Minigun As An Accessory For Their Action Figure Line Of Toys. In Early 2003 21st Century Toys Added 2 Miniguns To Their Line Of Ultimate Warrior Action Figures. The Minigun Manpack & M134 Minigun Setup You May Notice Some Resemblance Of Their #2 Minigun Set To A Picture On Another Page Here Of A Civilian Setup. Here is an example in 3 colors Also here is one from ZY Toys.


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