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NOW it's 2018 & I have made the decision to put the site back up while I still can. Due to my age and according to my doctors bad genetics, I am going blind. Since I have been out of the web page building stuff since 2006 when I pulled all of my pages, I have some catching up to do, I know much of the web site is OLD AND OUT DATED, Some of the links are dead but I'm working fast to get them all back up. ALL the stuff listed for sale is GONE. It was all sold off or traded 10+ years ago. I will eventually get this site back up to date so be patient and check back often.
I have hundreds of photos to add & more updated links are in the works. For now everyone ENJOY THE PICS!
Miniguns Of All Variations, Miniguns That Shoot Bullets, BB's, Airsoft Pellets & Movie Models Too
Some you can even shoot in your own backyard!

Flash M-134

Smoke Models & Mirrorsvs. Real Guns

Promo Photo
GE Model Made For Promo Photo Or Is It??
Real Or A Fake?

Click On The Picture To Find Out.

A GEM-134 BB Minigun..
Granted, it only shoots BB's but it is one heck of alot of fun

Click On The Minigun Design You Want To See.

7.62mm ---5.56mm / .223

.177cal BB Miniguns

6mm Airsoft Miniguns

.68cal Miniguns

Minigun Movie Props & Etc..

.22 Rimfire Miniguns

Real Steel Miniguns & Minis In The Movies

Want A Minigun Of Your Very Own?
One You Can Shoot In Most Backyards?

6mm BB Minigun

No Problem With Air Power!

Minigun Of The Month Contest

Whip It Out & Dust It Off

Minigun Art

Big Thanks Go Out To Christopher Cosner At Coz-Fx For This Graphic

If you own a Minigun heres your chance to show others your stuff.

About every month we will be choosing a new "Mini Of The Month" from all of our readers submissions. So dig that gun out of the back of your garage, aircraft hanger or buried in your yard (Iraqi Submissions) we don't care where you are or where it comes from. Send us your pictures via email & even a little info about your gun if you like, this contest is open to everyone with a spinning multibarreled anything! As for the builder GE, PPP, General Dynamics, Asahi, CAW, Classic Army, Echo-1, Top Or Toytec. Factory new, rewelds or junkyard supply. The brand and who built it does not matter. Send in what you got & we will be the judge.

Past & Present Winners

Why This Site Is Here??

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