AirSoft Miniguns
The M134 7.62mm Minigun Has Been Produced
By 4-5 Companies In A 6mm Airsoft Version A Few From Japan & One From The USA.
Asahi Produced A Gas/Electric Hybrid, ToyTec Produced An All Electric Version.
Then A Limited # Of American Engineered Hot-Rod Jacked Up 6mm Miniguns Were Built By Piper's Precision Products In Texas & They Blew The Japanese Toy Minis Away.

The American 6mm Minigun

The Ultimate BB Gun!

The American 6mm Minigun

ROF 600-3000 Per Min.
Wgt 27lbs. Velocity 250 - 600 FPS
Magazine Capacity 1700 Standard Internal, +3000 Extended Mag

Plain and simple these M134a version minis were badass. If you were lucky enough to get one while in production it has been like sitting on gold. Nothing came close to the power of these things in a gatling type airgun. The video lower down the page is a good example of the power these things have. Like a school of piranhas the steel 6mm BB's chew little bits of this inch thick reinforced glass until there is nothing left and with the 3000 round magazine this minigun blows the Japanese guns right off the playing field. Used in good condition with accessories these M134 guns have sold "Used" for over $9000.

Original M134a American 6mm Minigun

Thanks Go To Gregor In Austria For This Pic Of His M134a 6mm Shooter

Sweet 6mm Backpack

This american design had features that put it ahead of the orient versions. The bolts were spring loaded to collapse if the 6mm BB did not make it all the way into the chamber so it would not shred BB's plus you could get a barrel set that would work fine with plastic pellets or the real steel heavy rounds.

So What's New?
The M134-A2

The New Teeth Rattling Steel Spitting M134-A2 Minigun.

Just released & made it's premier at the 2004 SAR show. With a larger receiver & ammo capacity this mini is sure to rock the 6mm world. Switch from lightweight plastic "shoot each other" ammo to full blown 13.5grain (.88gram) high carbon steel BB that can rip through metal & Tv CRT's with ease. Check out the new operational instructional video from P3

New Edit Minigun Vs. TV Video & Shooting At The Lake

More details on the Piper Minigun From X-Caliber Tactical

Feed The Monster
.88 gram Solid Steel 6mm Minigun Ammo
10,000rd Battle Pack

Or A 25,500rd Case Was Available

This Ammo Would Also Function In Other Ultra Hi Power 6mm Airsoft Guns

What Is a AIRSOFT Gun Anyway??

Never Say Too Many!

Who Said Theres Too Many?

Miniguns From The Early 1990's
Collectors Note: Used Guns In 90% Condition Have Sold For Well Over $6,000.00

The Asahi Minigun was the first airsoft M134 ever produced and is a great example of overengineering. The Japanese built it around a complicated rotating chamber design that at the time was a totally untested system. Asahi had built hybrid airguns in the past but none of them used multiple chambers let alone any that spun around a central shaft at 1000rpm. The gas/electric hybrid system uses gas to propel the BB's DC battery power to spin up the barrels & drive the feed assembly. Just over 150 Asahi M134's were made & the first fifty had some type of major design problem and it is unclear if any of the first fifty were reworked then sold or just ended up in the scrap pile. Even after that most of them were scooped up by collectors the 18 months they were sold. As for performance, when compared to other airsoft guns the actual velocity the Asahi minigun was just barely average. Asahi's figured to overwhelm the target with a mass of bb's instead of focusing on accuracy or velocity.

Overall this gun was a bit too complex for its own good. The inner barrels actually moved back & forth acting to seal the feeding port on the rotor to prevent gas escaping the chamber in the wrong direction when fired. The design used a spring loaded piston in the false motor housing to force feed BB's into a geared pickup assembly. As the rotor spun around a BB would be forced into one of the six feeding ports on the rotor itself, you only used the super hard BB's made for this gun crossed your fingers that the BB made it all the way in. The battery in the Asahi would last about the same or just a bit longer as that of the Toy-tec but was only 1/3 the size due to the lower power consumption of the Asahi's motor. The Asahi gun due to its design must have constant & proper maintenance to insure proper performance.

The photo below shows the other items that are needed to make this gun work. Also included but not shown here was a short VHS video tape from the factory (In Japanese) that gave the basic instructions of operating the gun as well as the "Crush Test". This was a demonstration of an Asahi employee crushing a regular Airsoft pellet with a pair of pliers and then attempting the same with a factory M134 Vulcan airsoft pellet. Overall the low quality of the video with red paper arrows on the end of wire sticks instead of modern graphics is worth a few laughs. The Asahi employees are a bit shy in the video in several scenes instead of holding the gun they prop it up in a office chair. Later I may post the video up here so check back for a few laughs in the near future.

AsahiAirsoft Minigun

Click on Picture For Full Review Of This Gun.. Thanks Matt!

Asahi M134 Teardown Photo Project

A tear down & rebuild of this same gun pictured above. Thanks Sam!

Do You Own An Asahi Or T-T Minigun?

Asahi & Toytec M134 Minigun Owners Group Photo Albums

Always Open For More Submissions

How To Tell The Difference From A Distance

Asahi Mini

Notice The Japaneese Markings

The Asahi delinker and another important note. If you ever see this red Japanese sticker on a minigun it can only be the Asahi..

A Little Bigger Alot Heavier

Asahi Size Comparison

Valcan? It Loses Something In The Translation

Asahi Minigun Data Plate

Now What?
Asahi Delinker Chute Attachment Point

Actually The Lack Of.. Nothing Much To Attach To.. The Asahi guns did not go this far in their reproduction. The Asahi's ammo was fed from the other side of the gun. In the Toy-Tec versions they did however, they used the authentic design pin sockets to secure their stick type magazine into their feeder drive unit.

Rumor Control Central

Important A.S.G. Minigun Notes

I put this up to put a stop to some of those rumors & misinformation out on the web about the airsoft miniguns being "So real" that allot of the parts interchange with the real M-134 minigun. First this is 100% BS with some wishful thinking on the side. Ninety eight percent of minigun parts do NOT interchange and this was done on purpose by the Japanese as their laws are very restrictive when it comes to any functional mechanical part of an actual firearm (sights, grips, add on's Ok). Their replica manufacturing is accomplished by making very slight dimensional changes to the guns many of which are very hard to notice unless you have the real steel version sitting next to the gun for comparison. So if you have a model mini & want to make it look even more real, save your money & your time searching for actual surplus minigun body parts, odds are most won't fit. Even with real chuting you have got to drill out the pin sockets on the Toytec to get it to mate up correctly but once it is done you do have a nice looking setup.


Next, Movie Set BS

One of the most repeated stories is about how the actors has to wear face shields to fire the weapon as to not get hit from flying empty shells & debris. How this one got started I have no idea but the fact is the M134 minigun in the handheld configuration by design dumps the empty shells directly under the gun & the stripped links with the deflector mounted on the gun also drop to your feet otherwise they fall down and to the right of the shooter. If you ever get a chance to shoot one of these beasts loaded with blanks make sure you are wearing boots!

The Toy-tec airsoft minigun came out a year after the Asahi and it was Toy-tec's most expensive gun ($2685-$2885 USD) to date (1980's). It was a all electric gun with 6 individual spring loaded pistons for its air supply, this relieved it of a external tank but now a much larger battery had to be used to power a high torque motor to compress the heavy springs to fire the gun. This lead acid battery had to be carried by the user as it did not attach or fit inside the gun. Also another box containing the solenoid had to be carried, plus In the Toy-tec version the motor housing actually housed the drive motor for the gun, the magazine however was a large stick type that would plug in to the feeder/delinker in the same spot where the chute would go into on a real-steel mini. The magazine had locking pins that attached in the same place as chute on the real versions but this stick type magazine was cumbersome to say the least & also robbed the gun of some of its authentic looks. Check out some of the magazine pictures below & FYI: A used Toytec gun now in average condition is worth over $6200 US if you are able to find one on the used market.

Left Side

A quick note on used Japanese guns, these were built alit like airplanes as far as maintenance goes. To keep one of these in top running shape you should tear down the gun after a hard days use, inspect for unusual wear & shredded plastic that may have been lodged in the feeding system. Keep in mind none of the the Japanese guns were ever designed to shoot metal BB's so don't expect to grab one of these off of some gun auction site, pour metal BB's in it & expect it to function like the American model does you will be disappointed fast. Heres a new ToyTec Review in Japanese

Toytec Full Left View

Toy-tec Assembly Project
Toytec Manual

Click On Manual Diagram For Toy-tec Assembly Project Page Link

Spring Loaded Piston System

Toy-tec Piston System
Inside View Of Spring Loaded Air Chambers.
The Toy-tec Mini Uses The Same Cam System To Cock The Pistons As The Real Miniguns.
The Clear Goo In The Picture, Silicone Grease.

Toy-tec Video Clip 1

I Did Not Take This Video & It Is Not The Best Quality
But You Will Get To See It Shoot, Sort Of..
Toy-tec Audio Clip 1
Toytec Twin Miniguns

Toy-Tec Standard & Shorty ASG's

The shorty version of the Toytec is the rarest TT model of them all. We were never able to get actual production numbers from the factory but from information we have it looks as the shorty model was 1 out of every 10 TT airsoft minigun produced. Another quick note, the Toytec instruction manual also advised not to run the gun in burst of over 7 seconds, they recommenced a 5 second on / 5 second off cycle for good reason. By the time you count to ten you have blown the 20 Amp fuse. Rumor has it some owners rigged up 24 volt battery packs for more of an advantage but I have yet to get any video of that. As far as blown fuses go, late production models came with plug in fuses & a fuse puller.

Toytec Tradeoffs

No Air Tank To Carry Around, It's A Battery & Control Box Instead, Right Pic Is Control Box With Lid Removed.

I'd rather carry the tank.Car Parts..

Toytec Piston System

Toy-tec Piston System

Toytec Rotor Gear

Toy-Tec Rotor

This Is Another Problem With The Toy-Tec
The Ugly Cumbersome Magazine Sticking Way Out The Side
How Far Is "Way" Out The Side You Ask? See For Yourself.

Magazine Inserted & Ready

Delinker Drive And Feed Port

Toy-tec Feeder Delinker
Just Like The Real Minigun The Toy-tec Feeder Is Gear Driven

On Every 1/6th Of A Revolution Of The Rotor Assembly It Loads 1 Pellet

2008 - The Toy-tec looks ALOT like the "New" gun from ECHO 1. If anyone has some pics of their new mini taken apart please send them to us. We are really curious if this is the reincarnation of the Toy-tec.


Waaayyyyy Out The Side

Replica Delinker Off Right Side Of Gun With Magazine Loaded & Ready To Go

Display Mount Used For Toy Conventions

Toytec Also Made Some Replica Military Mounts For Promo Pics


Classic Army M132 Design

Click for Review From Japan

Notice the barrel count is low for this one?

Next Up >> CAW (Craft Apple Works) Airsoft Minigun

Craft Apple Works Shorty

This like the toytec the CAW model appears to have been made in 2 versions

Click for BIG pic


Hop-up adjustment in each barrel


Now Thats One Big Magazine

Big 5800rd Magazine

Looks Like Its 5800rd

Piston System Looks Familiar

Care & Feeding Of Airsoft Miniguns

In Both Japanese Minigun Designs "Regular" Ammo Is Problem #1

Asahi guns were sold with special "Vulcan" airsoft pellets and if you attempted to cut corners & save money you ended up doing neither. The Asahi gun came with a "Care & Feeding" video in Japanese. Even if you don't speak Japanese you still get the overall idea, If you can crush or break the pellets with a pair of pliers you should not use them, these guns will tear standard airsoft pellets to shreds. At 100 per second when something goes wrong, it's over before you even get the slightest hint to take your finger off the trigger. Ammo disasters can happen in a blink of an eye in the Japanese guns. Note: The new American airsoft miniguns use a totally different feeding system, they are much more tolerant of standard pellets due to the nature of the rotor system & much more reliable.


Rule 1.. No petroleum based lubricants on anything.

All airsoft miniguns use rubber O-rings & seals. Unless you want your gun out of commission fast do not use oil or petroleum grease, use a synthetic or silicone based lubricant. No matter what model of minigun you have, real, BB or airsoft for the gun to perform to its maximum potential you need good lubrication. Whatever you choose it needs to be rubber safe. In the Toytec guns they have a bolt bearing roller system like the real miniguns & they need a lubricant with a much higher viscosity than spray silicone. If you cannot get Mil-Comm Lubricants, use a very light coating of silicone grease.

The Pack Setup
So you saw it in the movies & now you want one. A complete handheld minigun setup.

You now have found the elusive airsoft minigun now you need accessories. Always remember demand for this very rare equipment constantly outstrips the supply. These gun props are not just show pieces but for the collector, pretty good investments.

Movie Backpack Setup

Backpack Setup Hints

If you are building a backpack setup for a shooting airsoft gun the real magazine can may not be the best way to go. Standard 14oz Co2 tanks will not fit inside a can standing up, you can remove the vertical stack separators inside the can & lay the tanks on their sides but then you may have a problem feeding the Co2. The best bet is to remove one separator completely and modify the other one to lay the tank(s) in at an angle. Another is to strap 2 cans together & cut out the adjoining sides. With a quick tack weld and some paint you are ready to go. If you are good with wood create your own reproduction that fits your needs but for a display only movie model gun real magazine cans are the only way to go but remember, a can with the original loading instruction sticker can add up to $150 to the price of a magazine. Always expect to pay more for the original, now most military weapon systems, feed chute, magazines & almost all gun parts are supposed to be "Demilled" Ie: crushed, torch cut, shredded or melted down before it can be sold as scrap. So most of what you will find now is nearly antique and it is costly due to the limited supply & ever increasing demand. Check out our model page & the "Mini of the Month" for more examples of backpack and new can setups.

Feed Chute & Cans

For a good backpack setup you are going to have to have chute and almost all 7.62mm feed chute on the surplus market is made by Standard Armament of California. New retail chute still in the wrapper is almost nonexistent and if you find it figure on between $225 to $280 per foot as of 2003 Plus when it comes to chute, new in the wrap is NOT always better. Some 1990's production chute came covered in a nasty powdered grey lubricant, it gets all over anything & everything it touches. It makes a god awful mess & is almost impossible to get completely clean. Buy used if you can! You can find used chute on the surplus market every few years and for a movie setup you will need about 5 to 8 feet depending on how you mount your can on a backpack. A good surplus section is a seven footer, as it flexes the length will expand to about 8 feet & loops around the body with just enough slack not to get in the way. Now if you can find used chute in fair condition with the correct ends expect to pay a hundred twenty dollars a foot minimum at a surplus store. The other feed chute design is from Nobles Engineering, a bit more flexible but it uses rivets in its design.

Chute End Connectors

Gun End AttachmentCan End Attachment

7.62mm Feed Chute Connectors.

M134 Gun End: Feed chute end for gun attachment has 2 opposing spring loaded pins. For gun attachment on the Toytec guns you will need to either remove the pins & turn them down on a lathe or drill out the guide points on the delinker assembly. This does however weaken them & one of the most damaged points with the chute attachment is breaking off the front pin socket on the delinker. See note below for our new conversion & upgrade fix. Next for the Asahi guns you will have to use your imagination. Asahi did not stick to the original design close enough for a simple fix, there is almost nothing to attach to. Asahi owners you are on your own with this one. Can End: The can attachment end has a pair of spring loaded tabs much like the old wooden clothes pins. No modifications are necessary if you use the correct can. On the American M134a2 the chute connects directly without a pin connector but you will still need one for a real magazine backpack. Prices for surplus chute ends range from $75-$250 each if you are lucky enough to find one. This chute also works with the M60 light machine gun series of weapons. There are some new manufactured chute out there, more details to come.

Got Cans??


Minigun Ammo CansMint Condition Magazine Can & Chute

In "Predator" they used a 400 round helicopter magazine can for the actual shooting scenes. In some other scenes from the movie they had a larger can magazine made up by the special effects people, If you watch the movie close you will notice in a shot where the mini is fired the can is fed out of the top, in others where it is not used it is fed from the bottom (we guess they did that just for looks as you can't reliably pull ammo from the bottom of a can).. Also, In the UH-1 series of helicopters cans were frequently used linked together in 3's & loaded end to end, other choppers were said to use the same small cans. One important note: these are not "Ammo Cans" like you see at surplus stores for 10 dollars each. They are not cans that loaded ammo comes in right from the factory for the military. These are portable 400 round reloadable magazines for small aircraft and this style magazine will run between $400 & $1300 depending on its condition in today's surplus market. If you get one with the loading instruction sticker on the side that makes it an even rarer find. So expect to pay even more $$$ for them. That fat round tube looking thing in the bottom of the picture, a 4000 round magazine from an Cobra attack helicopter.

Link to Van's Page

Loading sticker from a "D" size magazine


Cadillac Gage APC  Magazine

Pictured here, a super rare compact four hundred round 7.62mm magazine for a


Cadillac Gage V-100/V-150 series APC from the 1970's.

M60 / M134 Minigun Chute & Accessories
Check Out The
Minigun Accessories Page

Museum Grade Chute

These ball lock pins are now made by multiple manufacturers, CarrLane, Halder, Vlier & others. These have gotten so popular Amazon even carries them. Toytec & model owners frequently upgrade to the real ball lock pins on their guns, remember measure yours first. Toytec guns were manufactured in metric.

Military Minigun Data Plate

Need Something Smaller??

1 Left In Stock $4,250

The New Airsoft CQB Mini Gatling 70-85 Rounds Per Second. NOTE: this unit was the prototype & has been sold by P3. Only one was ever made due to the cost, the prototype you see here.

Another Creation From Pipers Precision

Pipers New Mini

Hit with shots fired.

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