GE Full Size M-134.. NOT!!!!

Nice Toy!

Sorry Folks, Its a Reproduction
The photo above is of the prototype "Vulcan Minigun" built by the Toy-tec Company of Japan.
The project was started in 1990 and took over 3 years of R&D to complete.
This was the most complex and expensive airsoft gun Toytec had ever produced.
Toytec was able to reproduce the rate of fire of the actual gun (6000 Rounds Per Min) however
it seems this prototype unfortunately chewed up the gear sets almost as fast as it would fire
magazines of airsoft pellets.

Heres a picture of the gun being tested in 1992

Prototype Testing In Japan

Design changes to lower manufacturing costs were implemented & minor
cosmetic changes were made to make the gun look even more realistic.
Ie: Fix the mistakes their R&D department made.
( Toy-tec Cast The Delinker Cam Housing Rotated Backwards 130° )

In the real gun this would have made loading & operation impossible.

Side View

You Can See This Design Flaw In All The Chrome Minigun Photos

Not Quite Right!

A Better Look... Sweet, but not quite right.

Black Finish

Some problems were never completely overcome, all Toytec M134's

were shipped from the factory with.... an extra set of motor drive parts.

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