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Now to clear up some misinformation
In the movies Predator, Terminator 2 & The Matrix
Real 7.62mm miniguns were used & all fired blanks.
Terminator 2 & Predator used the same gun from
Stembridge Gun Rentals in Hollywood
Previously the real M-134 minigun that was used in
Predator & Terminator 2 was on display at the Allegheny Arms and Armor Museum
in Smethport Pennsylvainia. They fired it once a year

during their living history day event. Until in 2004 it was sold off & out of their collection. Bummer.

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None of these 3 movies used the "Propane Firing Modification" as
is posted on some other movie gun information sites.

Movie Minigun Flash & Fire

-- Q & A --

One of the most common questions I get is: How come some movies there is not a big flash from every shot? And Does everything shot with a minigun really blow up? Here are some answers. First off I want to get the propane firing system out of the way. It does work fairly well for some guns but with the extremely high rate of fire the minigun propane can't keep up, Period.

Also another term comes into play here pyresance. Pyresance is the amount of opacity of a flame. In other words it refers to how transparent the flame is, how easy it is to "See Through". Propane & oxygen flames photographed in daylight have a low pyresance so low it is easy to spot on film. Many times digital effects are used to make the flame/muzzle blast more visable when using propane. Burning black powder on the other hand has a high pyresance. A lot of burning particulate matter is carried in the flame. I won't go into the technical issues here but it has been tried more than a dozen times by some of the best in the business & they always fall back on the tried & true blank cartridge. It is more expensive but it works. Even still occasional the gun fires & you see a "break" in the torch effect, there is still a big flash but due to the exposure of the film & the standard 24 FPS (Frames Per Second) film speed you may not see it. Here is a good article on film timing & muzzle blast that goes into this situation in depth. On the second question, Does everything shot with a minigun really blow up?- No - the standard "Non explosive" 7.62 mm will make holes, lots of holes really fast but that's all, just holes depending on what the bullet hits maybe even a few good sparks. Now If some of those holes happen to be in insulation of high voltage wiring or other energized electrical equipment you may get some sparks or a small fire but that is not what movie audiences are looking for. For the biggest bang for the movie production companies buck they want a explosion with a huge fireball & most common special effect fireball used is a mix of black powder & naphthalene flakes (Ground up mothballs) loaded in a pyrotechnic mortar. That is your "Explosion with Fireball" In the old movie days a gallon jug of gasoline wrapped with "Primacord" was also used. Is there another name for the minigun? Yes, bullet hose.. Or my favorite "The Money Eater" as a minigun will go through cash faster than a bad Hollywood divorce! At 3000 RPM the figure is $600 for ammo per minute! For perspective, if you had unlimited ammo & an unbreakable gun that would not jam or melt into a molten mass of steel. In one year that single gun would have eaten up $315,360,000 worth of ammo & that is at cheap surplus ammo prices.

Need A Real Minigun For Your Movie?

Movie & Tv Minigun Master

Film & Television Armorer, Weapons Specialist John Fox with his two 7.62mm GE M134 miniguns.

Got To Have A Real Minigun For A Major Motion Picture Project??
Remember real miniguns cost real money! And with all the millions of dollars of digital technology they had for the movie The Matrix they still used a real minigun for all the flash & fire. If you have a professional major motion picture or television production in the works & want a real minigun for your picture drop my friend here a email and tell him Monty sent you!

John Fox -

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And The WORST Movie

Terminal Countdown- Y2K's Sales rank # 21,285

I Could not find a movie ranked lower!

This was the cheapest & cheesy fake minigun setup ever seen on film.

A unmanned computer guarded ICBM site in the Colombian jungle. A Insane CIA agent tries to take the place over with help of Lou Gossett Jr. It is guarded with fake miniguns made from the bottom of a plastic water filter housings with fake barrels sticking out of it. The plastic case spins around a "center barrel" that imitates firing with what looks like the old propane gas system "the muzzle blast is more of a flame than anything else" If you want to see some low budget special effects with the quality of 6th graders check it out. Ronnie Cox, Lou Gossett Jr. & Malcom McDowell "Star" in this flop.

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