BB Mini-Guns

These Miniguns Were Built With The Express Purpose
Of Delivering MASSIVE Amounts Of BB's Into A Target
Fast & From A Modern Looking Gun.

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GEM-134 BB Minigun
A Minigun You Can Actually Carry Around While Firing
Black GEM-134 Video Clip
The GEM-134BB Shoots Standard .177 BB's The Co2 Gas Supply Is Held In
A Tank That Slides Down Between The Rotating Barrels.
The Same As In The Picture Of The Mini-Vulcan Being Held Below.
You Can See The Brass Connection Fitting In This Photo
On The Front Of The Rotor Hub. For More Sustained Firing
There Is A Connection At The Rear Of The Gun For A Regulated
Backpack Style Supply Of Co2 Or HPA At Up To 1000 PSI.
The BB Magazine Will Hold 1200 BB's When Full And The Rate Of
Fire & Velocity Settings Are Both Adjustable By The User.
This ROF Can Be Set At Over 1000 BB's Per Min With Velocity

That Will Exceed Well Over 500FPS

This Minigun (Ser # 00001) Is Pictured in October 2005 U.S. Issue Of FHM Magazine

Minigun Magazine

Summer 2001
US Airgun Magazine Cover Story!

Pair Of 134's

ToyTec M134 & GEM 134

Marlon's 134

Another GEM-134 In Black

Coming 2006 - The GAU-17 Heavy

This is bound to make waves, 10+ barrels, ALL Electric Powered .177

Call it a Toytec on steroids, electrically powered spring driven crew served weapon. The goal has been set +1000fps firing over 5000 .177's per minute. Granted it will take one heck of a battery but it is in the works. Watch this page for more details as the project from Pipers Precision continues.

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Mr. Paul Piper
Master Machinist, Inventor & Patent Holder Of
The BB MiniGun

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